Purified water from homemade water filter

Water is the basic need of human life and it plays an essential factor for all living beings in the world. If you are noticed by the infection and viruses caused by impure water then you may know about the value of water filter as well. Installing a water filter in your home will minimize the infection caused by bacteria’s in the water while on drinking. To install those water filter one should need money to buy them in market. They are very costly and we need service from people externally to install the water filter. As we calculate the both instalments we have to spend more money for water filters but there is another option to reduce the money by installing effective water filter.


Nowadays the homemade water filter is very famous where we can do it by ourselves without any cost. Even it is very simple and easy way to get the pure water by some arrangements. There are plenty of ways to make a water filter in our home and some are very easy where anyone can make that possible with the things that available in our place. You don’t need to spend on chemicals and other costly equipment’s for your water filter where you can do that in simple equipment’s without any cost. On each year the water filter installation started to differentiate because people are bringing much importance to theirpure water and considering it for their healthy life.

To make the easiest water filter in your home then take the large container that fit for your water necessity. Always use big containers because you don’t need to replace the water again and again. Once you stored the water in big container it will come for a week where you can change the water after on your weekends. Make some holes at the bottom of the water filter then place some materials at the bottom of the container.


Gravel, grass mesh or cloth material is enough to cover the bottom area of the container in a respected manner. The purpose of using gravel is to filter the substance in hard way and it eliminates the big particles in the water and filters very pure water to other phase. You need add some sand at the bottom which is the best way to remove all bad particles and unnecessary things that floats on the water.

After crossing all these materials the water gets purified immediately and your homemade water filter is completely ready to have them at home. Some commercial water purifiers are really costly and if they get repaired you need to pay for the service people too. To avoid all these unnecessary things you can build the water purifier in your own which is not so expensive too. In most of the area people used to have pipelines to get pure water where they are formed with germs and bacteria’s. If you have water filter then you can eliminate all impurities in the water.


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  1. Jane January 18, 2017 at 3:23 pm Reply

    Yes, we made that way back in high school science experiment, We made 5 layer of filtration. Luckily, we did it, we made it clean on the last layer. We all tasted it, it was good.

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