How to design homemade water filter easily?

Today people are using the best quality homemade products to save their money and time easier. There various types of home appliances are available in the shops which contains Television, Refrigerator, Mixer Grinder, heater, Vacuum Cleaner, Water purification plant etc. These are some basic and very essential home appliances in recent days. Water is one of the most and basic essential to all living beings in the globe. Every creatures including human also depends upon the water.  People can able to manage up to week without taking any food but cannot able to live without water maximum of 2 days. Drinking water plays very important role in current situation in all places because  clean water for drinking  is very difficult to find because  every water source are polluted so people need clean water for drinking. So many people are installing the water purifier device in their home so they get pure water daily. But all people are not able to install the water purifier plant because of highly expensive. Some portion of the people are searching homemade water filter to reduce the cost and get clean water every day.


While taking water directly from the water supply unit which causes more health issues most of the health problems are comes only from water and air only so always drink pure water will make your health better. In online website there are various types of water filters are available in the market but users are seeking best quality as well as cost effective products in the market. There are plenty of companies are design various water purifier and sell it various costs so people are not able buy the products at the market value. So, they are trying homemade filters of their own and get clean water without spending huge amount of dollars. Natural water is always in pure status when it taken form  bore well or well or pond  will be easily polluted so drink purified water is very safer for your health and body.


There are many people are searching in online website for how to make homemade water filter easily. By using simple techniques so easily designed perfect quality water filter. Here simple steps to make homemade water filter quickly. For this experiment, it requires simple basic elements like Plastic bottle or funnel, a vase, Gravel, cotton, Dirt, water, clean stand and activated charcoal. First cut the bottom portion of the bottle and turn upside down to bottle in to vase. Now start form the layering first place cotton balls at least 2 inches then add charcoal is the next layer. After you can place gravel of 2 inches instead of gravel use stones also and the clean stand 3 to 4 inches then finally add the another layer of  gravel. Now you experiment the filter by using the dirt water in to the top position now its starts filtering slowly finally at the bottom bowl you can collect pure water easily. It is very simple and easy make the water filter instantly.


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