Simple steps to design your own homemade water filter

At present scenario, water plays very important role among the human life and other living beings. Get pure water is completely very hard job so people are using the water purifier plant and get clean water at any time. Today, health advisor are mainly recommended the pure boiled water to avoid from various health issues. If you drink unpurified  water will resulting creates more harms to their health such as Viral fever, Dysentery, cold and cough, fever etc are some basic and common disease will attack the person who are drinking the unpurified water. So many of them are buying the RO plant and get purified water regularly. There are various types of water purifies machine are available in the market according to the user needs which is available at various capacities. Installing RO plant will squeeze more amounts of dollars from the house owners.   Avoid buying high class water purifier system and save your money for investing huge amount in the water purification plant. Now, homemade water filter are getting more popular among the households. It is very simple and cost effective to design the homemade water device.


By using more amount of carbon and charcoal are the most important requirements to make the filter effectively as well as you can design the home made filters at various capacities based on your usage you can design most effective homemade filter quickly. There are many folks are searching various online websites for how to make simple and effective water filter in home itself. Carbon and Charcoal are the two major water filters patterns are used to purify the water perfectly. This kind of water filters are getting more popular among the people side who wants to save more money for investing in water plant. Unlike the branded or company water filters, homemade filters cannot be attractive and colorful. Definitely homemade filters are put an end to spending more amount for buying bottled water or buying new water purifier device. There are numerous benefits are presented in the home made filters  such as get pure and hygienic water, prefect ratio of PH level and Alkaline overall homemade filters are the best and protect from harmful bacteria and toxins.


Simple and quick steps to design homemade water filter easier by using simple requirements such as high class plastic bottle, charcoal, cotton, clean sand, gravel and dirt water etc are some simple tools which is used to design the homemade water filter instantly. These filters are easy to maintain and user friendlier just explain the working mechanism to your children and family members they can feel very comfortable to handle the filter at any time. Unlike the real water filter, this homemade filter is the best product because it filters more dirt water should be very clean water. Those who are all using the real water filter it will change the real taste of the water but using of homemade filter will always give original taste of water without any changes in color. So try this homemade filter and save your money.




How to design homemade water filter easily?

Today people are using the best quality homemade products to save their money and time easier. There various types of home appliances are available in the shops which contains Television, Refrigerator, Mixer Grinder, heater, Vacuum Cleaner, Water purification plant etc. These are some basic and very essential home appliances in recent days. Water is one of the most and basic essential to all living beings in the globe. Every creatures including human also depends upon the water.  People can able to manage up to week without taking any food but cannot able to live without water maximum of 2 days. Drinking water plays very important role in current situation in all places because  clean water for drinking  is very difficult to find because  every water source are polluted so people need clean water for drinking. So many people are installing the water purifier device in their home so they get pure water daily. But all people are not able to install the water purifier plant because of highly expensive. Some portion of the people are searching homemade water filter to reduce the cost and get clean water every day.


While taking water directly from the water supply unit which causes more health issues most of the health problems are comes only from water and air only so always drink pure water will make your health better. In online website there are various types of water filters are available in the market but users are seeking best quality as well as cost effective products in the market. There are plenty of companies are design various water purifier and sell it various costs so people are not able buy the products at the market value. So, they are trying homemade filters of their own and get clean water without spending huge amount of dollars. Natural water is always in pure status when it taken form  bore well or well or pond  will be easily polluted so drink purified water is very safer for your health and body.


There are many people are searching in online website for how to make homemade water filter easily. By using simple techniques so easily designed perfect quality water filter. Here simple steps to make homemade water filter quickly. For this experiment, it requires simple basic elements like Plastic bottle or funnel, a vase, Gravel, cotton, Dirt, water, clean stand and activated charcoal. First cut the bottom portion of the bottle and turn upside down to bottle in to vase. Now start form the layering first place cotton balls at least 2 inches then add charcoal is the next layer. After you can place gravel of 2 inches instead of gravel use stones also and the clean stand 3 to 4 inches then finally add the another layer of  gravel. Now you experiment the filter by using the dirt water in to the top position now its starts filtering slowly finally at the bottom bowl you can collect pure water easily. It is very simple and easy make the water filter instantly.


Purified water from homemade water filter

Water is the basic need of human life and it plays an essential factor for all living beings in the world. If you are noticed by the infection and viruses caused by impure water then you may know about the value of water filter as well. Installing a water filter in your home will minimize the infection caused by bacteria’s in the water while on drinking. To install those water filter one should need money to buy them in market. They are very costly and we need service from people externally to install the water filter. As we calculate the both instalments we have to spend more money for water filters but there is another option to reduce the money by installing effective water filter.


Nowadays the homemade water filter is very famous where we can do it by ourselves without any cost. Even it is very simple and easy way to get the pure water by some arrangements. There are plenty of ways to make a water filter in our home and some are very easy where anyone can make that possible with the things that available in our place. You don’t need to spend on chemicals and other costly equipment’s for your water filter where you can do that in simple equipment’s without any cost. On each year the water filter installation started to differentiate because people are bringing much importance to theirpure water and considering it for their healthy life.

To make the easiest water filter in your home then take the large container that fit for your water necessity. Always use big containers because you don’t need to replace the water again and again. Once you stored the water in big container it will come for a week where you can change the water after on your weekends. Make some holes at the bottom of the water filter then place some materials at the bottom of the container.


Gravel, grass mesh or cloth material is enough to cover the bottom area of the container in a respected manner. The purpose of using gravel is to filter the substance in hard way and it eliminates the big particles in the water and filters very pure water to other phase. You need add some sand at the bottom which is the best way to remove all bad particles and unnecessary things that floats on the water.

After crossing all these materials the water gets purified immediately and your homemade water filter is completely ready to have them at home. Some commercial water purifiers are really costly and if they get repaired you need to pay for the service people too. To avoid all these unnecessary things you can build the water purifier in your own which is not so expensive too. In most of the area people used to have pipelines to get pure water where they are formed with germs and bacteria’s. If you have water filter then you can eliminate all impurities in the water.


Easy ways to build water filter at home

People know the value of life and they do necessary things for a healthy life which makes them to stay active all day. Water is the major element that we need to survive and if you are not having purified water then you may be affected with some viruses. Most of the virus and other infection are caused due to the impurity of water particles only. Pure water gives you the best life and tackles the entire health problem in good way. Making water filter in home is the best thing that you can do for you and your family because it reduces lots of health risks in today’s lifestyle.

Nowadays people are spending their time mostly outside and they used to drink water from the places that they are moving. In case of any impurity or germs in the water they will get severe cold or fever at the instant of time. Sometimes people used to carry water canes along with their travel to have best water from their home. Eventhough it won’t last long and you need to get water from other source too. When you know the formula of making water filter you can reduce many health risks.


The homemade water filters are very famous today where you can make it in your own and you don’t need to invest more money for the purification of water. In many colleges and in schools it is a science project to students to pure the water with natural things that available in their surroundings. Start with a big container which is enough for your home and make 5 to 10 holes in the bottom of the can which releases the air that stays inside the container. At the end of the can cut it in equal parts which enable you to provide all natural material in right way.

The best way of making good water filter is setting natural branches and leaves from trees. The birch tree or birch bark will be enough which is used to cover the bottom hole of the container in good way. add some sand after the leaf so when you poured the water inside the container the sand filters the impurities and the birch leaves will give good purification which enables us to drink pure water without any bacteria’s or germs. You can do these experiments in simple water cane too. Obviouslytry this method in small water bottles and if you satisfied with these techniques you can continue on big containers without wasting your time and energy.


You need to alter the leaves and sand twice in a month and this gives good result for water purification. After installed every materials run the water for over 30 minutes of time that ruins all the impure things out. You will receive pure water on each drop on the next run of new water. The homemade water filters are the hygienic way to keep ourselves clean and good. The importance of water will be known at the time of dehydration and to prevent that take pure water on every time of your drink.